Alex Gee

Alex Gee


Hi! My name is Alex Gee and I'm the photographer behind Tosis! I'm currently a Neuroscience and Cognitive Science major at the University of Arizona and I absolutely love it! I'm more than just a scientist however, I am also an artist and photographer.

I fell in love with photography when I was just about 14 and I have been  taking pictures on single use Kodak's for years and loved every moment of it. I've made my transition to serious photography after receiving my first mirrorless single-lens digital camera as a gift from my father on my 18th birthday and my official adventure as a photographer started there.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'll actually grow my own website and business out of it but here we are! It's been quite an amazing journey and I've got not doubt that it's bound to become even more interesting!

Thank you for visiting my website and enjoying my work! It's a pleasure to show it off to the world after the time and effort it took me to grow into to the photographer I am today. If my work intrigues you and you'd be interested in hiring my services or ordering prints, you are welcome to contact me and we will work something out. 

I also run a small unofficial blog on this site. To view it, go here:

Again, thank you and I wish you an amazing journey through life full of beauty and wonder!